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 Each of the below images and titles represents one of the student research projects developed durign the Fall 2014 semester. If you click on the images or title below, you can explore those papers, find more images, research and history exploring the narratives surrounding those American Everyday objects.

1900 Banyan Front

A Banyan


A Claim of Compensation

Hair Wreath

A Hair Wreath

Plum Quaker Dress Close-Up

A Quaker Dress

Eyeglasses in Case Left Side

Reading glasses

Paisley Shawl Close-Up

A Paisley Shawl

Cummerbund Front

A Cummerbund

Native American Weaver Dress Front

A Navajo Dress

Cunningham Family Bible

A Family Bible


A Native Ledger

Lady's Monthly Museum Book Drawings

A Woman's Magazine

Quilt crop fix.png

A Quilt

White Muslin Dress Front Top

An Empire Dress